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 Smokin Aces (2007)

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PostSubject: Smokin Aces (2007)   Smokin Aces (2007) EmptySun Jan 28, 2007 4:29 am

Smokin Aces (2007) Smokinaces_posterbig
Quote :
A dying mob boss takes out a $1 million contract on the life of his former protégé, a Vegas magician turned gangster who has agreed to testify against the mob. The FBI attempts to protect their key witness as an array of hit men and women descend on Lake Tahoe in a race to take the magician out.
Already saw it and it was definately great for what it was. The 3 crazy rednecks were the shit and I wish they would've gave em some more camera time. Especially the little one. Jeremy Piven and Ryan Reynolds gave the two best performances. for sure Alicia was great as a hooker and Common gave a good performance for a rapper and held his own against Piven's great performance in the bathroom convo. Its definately not better than "Snatch" in the comedy aspect, but it stacks up pretty well. I only have two semi-complaints.

1) The long breaks between the same scenes. They always got 5 different scenes going on at once and its understandable with so many characters, but the timing is definately off. Its almost as if the scene your waching pauses when it goes to the next scene and doesnt start playing again til your back on it. Like when hookers are kicked out of the crib and 20 minutes later, they're barely being taken thru lobby outside. Or when the elevator filled with smoke is moving up to the condo floor and they get back 10 minutes later and its still moving up. Not a big deal, but still a negative.

2) Even tho it was basically the main "section", the whole Andy Garcia/FBI situation which Ryan Renolds eventually gets into was very out of place at the end. Its basically like an action comedy that gets all serious all of a sudden and ends with a dramatic finish.

With that being said, I still give this movie an 8 outta 10.

Oh, and the main character death *SPOILERS* for all those who wanna know....
Ben Affleck and his two homies all get shot the fuck up by the rednecks/Tremor bros who just happen to be driving by right next to a river. The paranoid homie survives(they show him floating in the water with his two dead homies later) with the exception of a few fingers shot off. He ends up getting nursed and gets a gun from a fat lady and a mentally ill/psycho ass kid in a house in the woods. LOL @ them offing Affleck 30 minutes into the movie.

Ray Liotta and S.A. Gerald Diego(the guy who bit off his own finger tips in his background clip) shoot eachother up in the elevator. Diego shoots Alicia Keys(who found them passed out dying in the elevator) when the Feds storm the elevator later. Liotta comes back and shoots him before he's about to kill Keys and he dies shortly after. The Diego dude is shown being wheeled out by paramedics later, but he's still alive and ready to stab some fools.

Common shoots and kills the bald head Tremor redneck bro and shoots the big Tremor redneck bro's legs and hands causing him to land ass first on his on his own chainsaw. Shocked

The main Tremor bro almost makes it out but Affleck's alive homie is waiting for him on the roof parking lot and eventually just blasts his ass while he's walking away after giving up his car keys.

Tajari P Henson goes on a shooting rampage from the building across the street after she thinks Alicia Keys' character was killed cause a hooker dressed like her is laying dead. She later sees Common carrying out Alicia Keys(who saved him from getting killed by the little Tremor/redneck) and gets offed by the cops from behind.

Ryan Renold finds out the truth that Buddy "Aces" Israel is the son of a FBI agent undercover as Mafia boss of "La Costa Nostra" who the FBI tried to kill fearing he had turned. He lived half a decade without them knowing and needed his son(Buddy)'s heart. Renold's character literally "pulls the plug" on both those putos cause Andy Garcia's character got his partner(Liotta) and a bunch of Feds killed when he found out the truth about the Mafia boss and "Aces" before they even hit the casino yet still let them go in.

Smokin Aces (2007) Guileflash
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Smokin Aces (2007)
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