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 Chamillionaire talks about White And Nerdy

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Chamillionaire talks about White And Nerdy Empty
PostSubject: Chamillionaire talks about White And Nerdy   Chamillionaire talks about White And Nerdy EmptyWed Sep 13, 2006 11:11 am

Chamillionaire Subject of Weird Al Parody

Author: Soundslam
Sep. 12, 2006 - New York, New York

Weird Al is famous for his parodies of musical hits. The longtime musician has achieved fame by creating parody versions of "Beat It," "Lump," "Smells Like Teen Spirit," and "Amish Paradise." Al is back and armed with his own version of Chamillionaire's "Ridin'."

The multi-platinum artist is happy to hear the new version, and holds no grudges towards Al. Cham said, "He's actually rapping pretty good on it, it's crazy...He's Grammy-nominated, man. He goes platinum. It's really an honor when he does that. I remember when he redid Michael Jackson's 'Bad.' Weird Al is not gonna do a parody of your song if you're not doing it big. You gotta be a big dog. He shot the video, and people will see it pretty soon. It's crazy.

Weird Al is highly regarded for his ability to closely mirror the original song, something impressed Chamillionaire as well.

"He's spittin' just like Krayzie Bone on the second verse...It's actually very funny if you listen to what he's saying. The way Krayzie is harmonizing, he does the same thing. It surprised me. I didn't know he could rap like that."

Source: Soundslam
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Chamillionaire talks about White And Nerdy
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